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Reputation Marketing

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If you're ready for a ROBUST Reputation Marketing program, You've Come to the Right Place!

We take a 3-Phase approach to Brand your business as a 5-STAR Enterprise.

The Three Phases of Reputation Marketing

1. Monitoring

Keeping on top of what people are saying about you online is critical to building a solid online Reputation. Most services in this sector will send you email updates when someone leaves your a review...and we do as well. What separates us from the pack is our online dashboard that you can sign into any time to get statistics about your good review and your not-so-good reviews.

And when it comes to responding, we'll give you the coaching you need to enhance the good and keep you from "putting your foot in it" when responding to the bad.


2. Building

We can help you get more reviews to help you solidify your Reputation online. Using our automated feedback request process and online Feedback Form, we'll help you reach out to your clients to learn about their experience BEFORE they post online. From there, our system notifies you in real time so you can follow up in the appropriate manner.

To help you build faster, we'll also implement a review building campaign directed toward your past and current clients to jump-start the process and ramp up your reviews sooner than later.

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3. Publicizing

At this point, you've put in a lot of effort to increase your overall number of reviews and to make sure those reviews are glowing. It's time to brag...and brag big time!

We'll create a series of banner ads (click here to learn more about banner ads) and place them through your geographic area, online, on Facebook and other Social Media sites to brand you as a 5-Star business.

This is known as providing "social proof" by showing that others have had a positive experience, so it stands to reason they too will have a similarly positive one, thus reducing the friction for them to pull the trigger and purchase from you.