​​Put your Message in Front ​
​​of ​your Prospects as they
Surf Around the Internet


Heating Up Already Warm Leads
96% Of Your Website Traffic Never Comes Back...Ouch!

Now the rhetorical question..."Have you ever shopped on Amazon?"  Of course you have. So, whether you were looking for golf clubs, shoes or camping equipment, after you left the Amazon page and continued your journey around  the internet...did you notice ads for the product you were just shopping for appear everywhere you went?

The Only Online Marketing That Makes All Your Other Marketing Better!

When someone lands on your website or landing page, we place a piece of code on their browser (Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc.) that saves the date and time and what product or service they were viewing. As a result, we can now follow their movements around the internet (relax...not literally) and place your ads on sites that they visit subsequent!

Someone Visits
Your Website

Drop Some Code On Their Browser

Your Banners Follow As They Surf The Web

Follow Them 1-3 Mo.s Until They Buy


​Hunting With A Scope Instead of a Shotgun
For Local Businesses, This Is Where It's At!

If you're a local business, this is right up your alley.  Instead of delivering your message to a lot of people who are NOT your target audience, we can deliver your message to just those prospects who are most likely to be interested in your product or service. 

That Means Your Ad Dollars Are More Effective.

Deliver your Ads to prospects sitting in your competitors locations and to prospects at synergistic locations (Example: health-conscious consumers --> Farmers Markets). By focusing on delivering your message to just those who are most likely to respond, you reduce your ad spend and increase your response rates.


​Drive New Customers To Your Door
What Are Cold Traffic Display Ads?

Cold Traffic marketing is the action of placing your Ads on websites based upon your target market's interests (Example: Health, Home Improvement, Beauty, Travel, Etc.).  You usually pay based on a cost per Impressions...not Clicks. This service often ranges in the $25 - $50 per 1,000 Impressions [CPM]

Find Them Where They Live Online.

Think of it this way...if you're selling beer, one of the online sites you'd want to target would be a Monster Truck rally website. Conversely, if you're selling wine spritzers, you're likely going to have more success targeting consumers who frequent the U.S. Open Tennis site.  Get it?

Place Ads On Sites That Interest Your Target Market

Market To Everyone That Visits Those Sites Or Only Those From A Region That Visit

Split Test Your Offers, Reputation, & Brands Ads To Maximize Clicks