​Banner Advertising

​​Put your Message in Front ​
​​of ​your Prospects as they
Surf Around the Internet


​Heating Up Already Warm Leads
You may not know it by name, but you know it by experience.

​Now the rhetorical question..."Have you ever shopped on Amazon?"  Of course you have. So, whether you were looking for golf clubs, shoes or camping equipment, after you left the Amazon page and continued your journey around  the internet...did you notice ads for the product you were just s​hopping for appear everywhere you went?

T​hat's ​"Retargeting".

​When someone lands on your website or landing page, we place a piece of code on their browser (Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc.) that ​saves the date and time and ​what product or service they were ​viewing. As a result, we can now follow their movements around the internet (relax...not literally) and place your ads on sites that they visit subsequent!

Someone Visits
Your Website

Drop Some Code On Their Browser

​​Your Banners Follow ​As They Surf The Web

Follow Them 1-3 Mo.s Until They Buy